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Friday, June 11, 2004

Le Plaisir du Texte #27

It's been too long since I've visited deep-browed Ray Davis's uberous demesne, now going by the name pseudopodium.org, so I'm tardy noticing some wonderful recent posts on the central role of personal pleasure in criticism --a view I flog ad nauseam (very well, I contradict myself; I'm fat, I contain donuts), for example, here, here, and here. Check'em out. He's much smarter than I am. He, too, has a disagreement with the ruler-wielding Aaron Haspel (whom you may remember from The Great "Ozymandias" Debate, here, here, & here) but wisely throws up his hands rather than allow himself to be dragged into wrangling: "[W]hat are we supposed to do when someone argues against the possibility of taking pleasure in Frank O'Hara?" What indeed? At night sensualists jump on rulers with a thump . . . .
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