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Sunday, August 31, 2003

Is it just me, or do your words, Monsieur B.K., seem to bear a hidden meaning? Could you have been giving your abductor (in the Peirce / Eco sense) muscles some exercise? Leading astray is what they do. . . .

I personally wouldn't call blogging a fetish, exactly. I'd call it a compulsion. I'm a bit obsessional about how some of these terms are employed. "Fetish" seems better employed to denote physical objects or body parts occupying a central role in a person's obsessional thoughts or compulsive behavior. I've been thinking a lot about OCD and personality disorders this summer. A close friend, whose identity for understandable reasons I want to keep anonymous, spent altogether too much of her summer interrupted by stays in (as well as by commuting for outpatient treatment to) McLean Hospital. She keeps revolving through various intense D's--BPD, GAD, OCD, MDD, DPD, ED--the weblike interconnections among which I was surprised to witness--and receiving various T's--CBT, DBT--along with a pharmacopeia of psychopharmaceuticals. Anyway, helping her has made me think a great deal about O/C behavior--how it's responsible for nearly all that's great and all that's horrible about human culture. Many people (Freud most obviously) have made versions of this argument, but I'm still struck by how most religions are both deeply informed by, and designed to ameliorate, O/C behavior.

I'm tired all the way through my eyes into the middle of my brain and down my spine. Have much more to say about fetishes, compulsions, web identitites, and the semiotics of embodiment. Must await return of cogency.

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