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Saturday, September 06, 2003

Stickpoetsuperhero Soars; Crystal & I Share Recherché Predicates
Michael Wells, the celebrated stickpoetsuperhero, sweetly emails that I've given him a whole new perspective on trips with his wife to the beadstore. . . .

Thanks, Michael. Keep fighting for (poetic) truth, (poetic) justice, & (a true & just) poetics!

His site links to Crystal Lyn King's We Write To Taste Life Twice, which offers some good poems (the anti-Ballardian car-crash one is harrowing) and many crucial poetry links. Crystal & I have many things in common. We both live in the Boston area & we each affirm the following (from Crystal's list of 100 facts about her):

1. I love sweet pickles.
4. I loathe doing the dishes.
11. I love to hike and birdwatch.
16. I was an extremely picky eater as a child.
21. I've been online since 1992 [well, i got my dow jones & compuserve memberships in 1980, but i didn't start browsing until. . . well. . .there were browsers]. I've owned a computer since 1980 [my first was an Apple II].
31. I love the smell of Russian Olive trees.
32. I've saved people's lives (worked on a crisis hotline for 2 years). [mine was specifically about sex crises--which nevertheless make people suicidal . . . .]
34. I love cosmopolitans. And green apple martinis.
49. I hate the feel of water dripping off the end of my nose.
50. I never lose when I play Othello.
51. I have more books than bookshelves. Way [way, way, way, way] more books than bookshelves.
52. I love going to art museums [& concerts & movies & on trips]by myself.
64. I hate it when paper towels have goofy sayings and stupid graphics on them [although I vacillate on this one; often, with my houseguests in mind, I deliberately buy the stupidest].
68. I am not very good with money. It makes me irrational and crazy when I have to handle bills.
70. I drink skim milk.
72. I hate eating tomatoes that aren't processed (i.e. they must be in something--ketchup, salsa, pasta sauce are fine).
75. I don't know what the real color of my hair is.
81. I tend to leave clothes lying around in the bedroom.
95. I'm the one taking the pictures.

In addition, we both like the film Pirates of the Caribbean (I've seen it four times, once all by myself, oblivious that I was wearing sunglasses. I would just like to be next to Johnny Depp sometime, feel his warmth, even touch him for a while, gently, in a friendly way, with my extended tongue.) And last but definitely not least, we both chose stanton flatware on our wedding registries!
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