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Thursday, October 30, 2003


very good to see you
you vertebrates
perched on the bathtub edge

two stone basts
but in the daylight downed
with rohrschach blots
inuits awaiting a nose

egyptian cats knew words
to vanquish powers of darkness
whispered to initiates
who loved and befriended them

againnuzzle of inuit
interspecies communication

good morning
all rise, please
peeing all behind us now

rise and see what brave new world awaits
beyond the laundry-dizened hallway
or installation as we like to say
aware deserving people routinely die

never having said dizened
why so obscenely heavy every morning?
why can't i be my brother for a change?
the road is long

the art is brief
and i'm a large appliance in a box
in a warehouse on a forklift
going for my last ride

tooling along grey concrete
doomed to meet the whole family
but mom especially
til death do us part

smiling, 'ello chaz!
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