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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Don' drink nor smoke nor . . . .
Toy dog causes stink at airport

[This and the post below are courtesy of Dave Barry

A novelty dog toy which breaks wind as it bends over has sparked a major security alert at a US airport.

Page designer Dave Rogerson said he could not believe what was happening to him when the life-size mechanical terrier set off an explosives detector at Norfolk airport in Virginia.

Armed security staff sprang into action after something in the dog's "wind breaking" mechanism apparently registered as the high explosive TNT on their sensitive equipment.

Mr Rogerson, 31, from Leeds, was grilled by FBI agents and looked on in amazement as they took a series of swabs from the replica animal's rear end.


Mr Rogerson said he has named the dog Norfolk, after the airport . . . .

Story filed: 08:30 Saturday 25th October 2003

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