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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Oliver's Army is here today, and I would rather be anwhere else

So where do I find myself just a little while later?
I actually wasn't trying to bounce my blood pressure into the attic while oublietting my mood and conjuring visions of fighting in an ineluctable, bloody civil war--but somehow I clicked myself here, The Traditional Values Coalition, and that's exactly what happened. Seriously, I think civil war is really likely in this century. This time, though, it's going to be like the English Civil War, essentially a religious one, pitting those who would maintain and enforce a traditional (biblical, sadistic, American) restriction of pleasures against those who think sadists have no right telling them at gunpoint what pleasures they may and may not enjoy.

Now I remember how I got to that oozing fetid pustule: I found so unbelievable this story, about a movement to repeal government funding for any scientific study having anything to do with sex, sexual orientation, or tracking the spread of AIDS, that I had to track down these assholes to see if it was really true. And it was. Money graf (as bigshot politics bloggers like Josh Marshall say):
Andrea Lafferty, the coalition's executive director, told the Associated Press that the grants were a "total abuse of taxpayer dollars."

"We know for a fact that millions and millions of dollars have been flushed down the toilet over years on this HIV (news - web sites), AIDS scam and sham," Lafferty said. "We know what it takes to prevent getting the disease. It takes not engaging in risky sexual behaviors."

TOTAL ABUSE OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS????? If you followed out the link in the last post to Deroy Murdock's piece then you probably saw the number of federal and state law enforcement officers engaged in the investigation (Operation Pipe Dreams) that netted Chong and fifty-odd other pipe dealers (remember they weren't after actual dealers, possessors, users of cannibis, just bong and pipe distributors). The DEA estimates about 1200 OFFICERS TOOK PART.

And these repulsive monsters want to pull the rug out from under studies that are actually saving people's lives.

These are the people who give nice friendly sexual sadists like me a bad name.
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