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Thursday, October 09, 2003

Remarks on Colour

Now I'm going to paint my nails. I'm using a color by Nars called "Jungle Red," which I had to buy (even though it's much more of a saturated red than I typically wear) as soon as I saw the name, for much the same reason I had to buy Collins's Picnic, Lightning as soon as I saw the title. Taking a leaf from Kasey's book (really just some photons from the screen his blog produces on my computer)--to the first person to identify both things that motivated these purchases I'll award . . . I dunno . . . hmmm . . . how about an instance of one of the two things (winner's choice)?

The thing about painting my nails is that I can't do it for shit. I can't, at any rate, make them look anywhere near like professionally manicured ones. I find this really frustrating. I don't pretend to be skilled in every area of life. But I've always figured that I could pretty much do a reasonable job at most ordinary trades and crafts, if I really invested myself in learning and practicing them. For example, I've replaced various plumbing fixtures, done minor repairs under the hood of my car, made jewelry (e.g., the beads), designed stuff, painted stuff. You'd've thought I'd've gotten fingernails down by now. Those of you who don't, for whatever personal reasons, paint your nails probably can't conceive how frustrating it is to make them look really good. And then, of course, they chip right away . . . . Those who do, for whatever personal reasons, paint them--uh, why do yours always look so much better than mine?

A splendid job for a poetry blogger (for me, anyway) would be coming up with color-names for make-up. Are you listening, Revlon?

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