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Monday, October 27, 2003

A Sincere Public Apology
Michaela Cooper has been summarily defenestrated from Jimmy Berle's Crush List, one week after her debut. My theory is that it's because I posted "you're an asshole" last week in response to a Jim Side I thought mean. He wrote me back that the Jim Side was a joke, at least settling the genre issue unequivocally. I may be flattering myself, but I'm guessing that the "That's Mr. Asshole to you" in his header at this moment [no longer (smooch) . . . this is what it looked like, however, in case you're interested. Ed.] is addressed to me. Seriously, Jim, I honestly regret making you feel bad. I forgot for a moment ('cuz your blogging is so damn butch) that your feelings run as deep as anyone else's out here (after all, you are a poetry blogger). And it's shitty for me to cause you to undergo emotions I'm flaming you for causing someone else to undergo. (That last sentence looks exactly like an example from Leigh's grammar class where they've just been parsing multiply nested relative clauses and object complements.) Thank you for acknowledging you didn't mean to give offense. I believe you. I, however, really did, 'cuz I was pissed off. But I shouldn't have. And I apologize. And I'm really not angling to get back on the crush list. And you don't have to buy me that grape Crush next time I'm in Cambridge. And you can keep blocking me from your site (how the fuck do you do that?). And thanks for letting me know how to pronounce your name. (He wrote, "Burly." Is he telling me the truth?)
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