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Friday, October 17, 2003

South Carolina Democrats, don't forget to cast your vote in the R. J. Reynolds, Inc. Democratic primary!

As I mentoned then, I thought Catherine's idea about corporation-sponsorship of hurricanes was great. Evidentally, so did The New Yorker, whose back page a couple of weeks ago (of course, at this moment I can't find the issue, else I would scan and post it) was titled something like (if memory serves), "What if corporations sponsored hurricanes?"

I mention this belatedly because the idea appears less wacky in light of recent developments in South Carolina. Apparently, state law requires that each political party bear the entire financial burden for funding its presidential primary. So the state Democratic Party, needing to locate upwards of $500,000, has been giving serious consideration to corporate sponsorship--John Kerry brought to you by Coca Cola, etc. Hey, why not? Check out this article in The Washington Post noticed over at TomPaine.com.
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