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Thursday, October 16, 2003

A very big moment for me

I'm wearing
a great dress
by Jean-Paul
Gaultier, and
may I take
this opportunity
to apologize
to Jean-Paul
for my hair.
A complete
stranger did
my hair
and makeup.

I shouldn't
have covered
that Ungaro
dress with
that fluffy
thing, and
I'm a bit
too skinny
as well.

I saw it on TV
the other night.
I was little
Jet Girl, and my
bosom is
out of my bra.
Look at me
back then
. . . dork!

That's my school
uniform and
I think
I'm in the sixth
form by then.
The series takes
place over six
years. I played
a very outspoken
student who challenged
the views
of the church.

I think I bought
that dress somewhere
on Montana Avenue
in Santa Monica.
I was trying
to keep
with the tone
of the movie.
I did
my own hair
and makeup.
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