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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

I feel like I've been experiencing incidents of Jungian synchronicity lately. I don't know if it's a calling card from hypomania (which my therapist thinks my demeanor sometimes manifests but which I argue is just the brain popping and crackling along and finally generating the importunate blaze I'd give my soul or at least both baby toes to warm myself by more than once in a blue moon) or if it's just that the longed-for ping pong balls happened to settle in the drum where the spokesmodel's redlacquered nails could pluck them most easily.

OK, well maybe it's the hypomania.

Anyway, the latest occurrence that makes me feel as though the universe and I are sauntering in the same direction is that my last post, below, about Chris Lott's thoughts, was intended as a response to his smart, heartfelt post from last week, not the posts and comments from the past couple of days engendering fascinating and self-revelatory conversation between Chris & Eileen. I hadn't read them yet. I was worried that I would appear to be arriving on the scene way late (don't get me started on arriving way late, a propensity for which my daughter wants to disinherit me), and, hey, it looks for all the world as if I were just putting my two cents in more or less on time.
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