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Monday, November 17, 2003

Can't stop messin' with the danger zone
With a joyful hand we award the Jocelyn Elders Prize for Heroism in Service of the Obvious to Britney Spears for speaking out in support of masturbating women (see Evan Daze's site for story and lyrics which, though awful [certainly no match for Cyndi Lauper's] have their heart in the right spot), one of the primary preoccupations (videlicet [Latin for "let it be allowed to be seen"] here and here) of Mikarrhea (motto: carpe pudendum). Spears says
she doesn't "do it all the time," but "if you say you don't do it, then you're lying." Spears says masturbating teaches you what turns you on. Then, she says, "you're able to give more to other people."

The faster and farther she plummets away from her prissteen image, the better I like her.
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