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Thursday, November 20, 2003

Carefully thought out arguments from the right on the gay marriage decision

found at FreeRepublic.com, "A Conservative News Forum"

This is one of the reasons we are hated throughout the world. The world looks at us and say's they have no morals.

posted on 11/18/2003 7:31 AM PST by RobertM

This is great that Massachusett's gay judges did this. Let all the fudgepackers move there and be clients of the Dickem and Dunkem (Ted Kennedy) law firm.

posted on 11/18/2003 7:36 AM PST by Therapist

I agree. Now is the time to make this a political. Now is the time to stop it dead in it's tracks. God did not create Adam and Steve... or Andria and Eve... Constitutional ammendment or bust... Sign me up.


I see a Republican landslide comming in the NE. The press can spin this issue, but the polls say 89% of Americans are against gay marrage.
All those who are living in Mass. have to live in a gay hell forever. They're not going to be pleased by what they're about to witness. The demons will be urinating in the streets, and mothers will have to guard their children. It won't happen within a week, but by next year it will be the sodomote pit of vileness.
Things are about to change. The spirt of morality usually not found in Mass. will grow like never before.
The Lord works in strange ways. He's setting them up for their fall.

posted on 11/18/2003 8:14 AM PST by concerned about politics ( So it is. Amen.)

Ahem ... Now is the time to START IMPEACHING JUDGES.

Their abuse of the law has gone too far.

posted on 11/18/2003 8:23 AM PST by WOSG (The only thing that will defeat us is defeatism itself)


Use this issue to destroy the Democrat party in Massachusetts - The Democrats have now put in the bench judges that override common sense and the law.

Take it back by getting more conservatives in the US Senate. Take it back by knowing who you vote for in state and local races. Take it back by impeaching judges.

Anything short of that will not work. The Leftist Judges will destroy ANY LAW THAT IS WRITTEN and pervert it to their own ends. Their tyranny is now unbounded!

Want proof? Look at how California voters did what this man in Massachusetts tried to do. It didnt stop the leftists from creating "civil unions" which is marriage in all but name ... simple end run.


posted on 11/18/2003 8:32 AM PST by WOSG (The only thing that will defeat us is defeatism itself)

It's the beginning of the end for the Mass. Supreme infidels. It is now the job of the legislature to reign in their court judges, and possibly impeach those who sit on that bench.

The judges ruled in favor of perverting the institution of marriage, as was elloquently stated concerning another case, let's see them enforce their opinion.

Those judges should be impeached, disbarred, and made the laughing stock of old Mass., because their credibility just performed a CFIT.

posted on 11/18/2003 8:49 AM PST by azhenfud ("He who is always looking up seldom finds others' lost change...")

"What's the point" getting a license if anything or anyone wants to marry? Can I marry my mule?

Sorry. Next step is to give them your boys. They want the age of consent lowered to around 10 years old.
Your mule will have to wait in line.

posted on 11/18/2003 8:50 AM PST by concerned about politics ( So it is. Amen.)

There is nothing "normal" about homos. Even the wild animals know better (Except male goats. They're really filthy).

posted on 11/18/2003 8:53 AM PST by concerned about politics ( So it is. Amen.)


And until we get a few more Senators so we can stop the filibustering, it just won't happen. In order to win additional seats, you need specific issues that will resonate with the people. I think this issue only can help get 2-5 seats in the Senate and also help Bush kill Howard Dean. The GOP must take this issue by the horn and win. We are still paying the price for the damage FDR inflicted on the court system to this day. The only way I can see fixing it is to win more elections and get the courts packed with conservative-thinking judges. You propose several things, but really have no means of getting there.

posted on 11/18/2003 8:56 AM PST by Always Right

"Is this institution, this veritable cornerstone of society, so fragile that it cannot survive without governmental protection?"

Same could be said for FREE SPEECH.

Guess you want to repeal the 1st amendment after you abolish marriage, eh?

posted on 11/18/2003 9:06 AM PST by WOSG (The only thing that will defeat us is defeatism itself)

As I do not care for feminists, I do not care for homos, and also do not care for marriage as a way to regulate sex between men and women.

posted on 11/18/2003 10:40 AM PST by philosofy123

"Allowing people who are born gay to lead normal lives is not evidence of lack of morals."

"Born Gay" is Marxist propaganda. They're vile perverts, nothing more.
In the past, they were confined to mental institutions to protect the innocent. Some touchie feelie let them out. They thought they could be rehabilitated and placed back into society. They were wrong. It's too bad they can't see the damage they've done to society by their ignorant mistake.

posted on 11/18/2003 10:43 AM PST by concerned about politics ( So it is. Amen.)

"Wether you believe it or not gays are just plain born gay."

I not only don't believe it, I know for a fact that it is a lie. Being gay is a behavior. Anyone who wishes to blame 'gayness' completely on genetics is not being intellectually honest. To deny the influence of the environment and personal choice, is just that, denial. I am not gonna to argue there are not genetic and biological influences, because there are. But to flat out insist it is all genetics is crazy and flies in the face of all research in the subject.

posted on 11/18/2003 10:59 AM PST by Always Right
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