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Thursday, November 06, 2003

"A horse and carriage go together when you're a horse-drawn carriage driver"

A tsunami of gratitude to Nick Piombino for drawing attention to Ray Davis's Bellona Times, a prodigious midden of erudition, sharp writing, mordant wit, and critical acumen. Davis has something smart to say on so many of my fave topics, especially literature (he adores those two neurotic loquacious prose-genius Henrys straddling the century-mark-before-last) and movies (no make-up though; it's a butch boy-blog). Even sex.
The post quoted below, from December 30, 2000,
titled with the lovely aphorism supra, is one of the most delightful formulations I've ever read on marriage (although affirming a principle that, obviously, covers the earth, Sherwin-Williams-like).

Marriage takes a sexual relationship and publicly acknowledges it to state and church. Which is a pretty perverse thing to do with a sexual relationship unless state and church need the knowledge to properly allocate rights and responsibilities -- of citizenship, say, or of child-rearing.

Across all disciplines, experts tend to overestimate the importance of what they're focused on -- things get bigger up close -- and so blowhards encouraged to provide the most criminally unreported news or the most egregiously popular fallacies will always come up with something from their own fields. . . . And that's where theologians and priests made their entirely understandable mistake: Sex isn't solely for procreation. Procreation just happens to be the only way in which sex is of professional interest to theologians and priests.

Wherever Nick's been all this time, I must have been there too.

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