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Tuesday, November 25, 2003


I should note that George, probably suffering excruciating pain from all this ozymandering, has composed a clever updated "Oz" in self-defense.
Trunkless But Not Funkless

Before you get huffy or puffed up and pious,
Let me tell you a story 'bout Ozymandias
That I heard from a fellow just passing though
From a land that's distant and far from new.
He says: "Out on the dunes where the vipers lay their eggs
There's an Olmec-size head and two smokestack legs
Been standing there alone for thousands of years
And the face on that head both frowns and sneers
-- not easy to do, but the sculptor was keen
To capture with his hands what his heart had seen --
And underneath his sandals on the plinth's displayed
This motto: "Be afraid, be very afraid,
For I'm Ozymandias and I'll take no guff
From you other despots who think you're tough;
Just look at me, fools, you'll never live up
To my power or achievements, so just give up."
Now he lays in the dust in the dunes and the heat,
Just a cracked up head and two blasted feet.
I can't say if it's Shelleyan or faintly Byronic,
But the moral of my story is: "Ain't that ironic?"�

And a while back, from the cheerfully informal formalist Mike Snider, I received Howard Nemerov's sally at it.
Ozymandias II

I met a guy I used to know, who said:
"You take your '57 Karnak, now,
The model that they called their Coup de Veal
That had the pointy rubber boobs for bumpers--
You take that car, owned by a nigger now
Likelier'n not, whith half its chromium teeth
Knocked down its throat and aeriel ripped off,
Side stitched with like bullets where the stripping's gone
And rust like a fungus spreading on the fenders,

Well, what I mean, that fucking car still runs,
Even the moths in the upholstery are old
But it gets around, you see one on the street
Beat-up and proud, well, Jeezus what a country,
Where even the monuments keep on the move."
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