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Saturday, December 27, 2003

Apologies for not posting

For the past several days I've been either away from my computer and unable to post or in a familial setting where I am forbidden from touching a keyboard except to look up some authorized bit of information on imDb or too drunk to type. It will probably be more of the same for the next four or five days. I've managed to sneak a couple of minutes in which to post a delightful response I got from Malcolm Davidson (well, from eeksypeeksy at any rate) to my sex arousal device post.
This stuff about women and porn and plethysmographs
and so on -- I'm sure there's a sex toy in this
somewhere, a sex toy _system_, waiting to be marketed.
Attach detectors and tinglers and vibrators to your
partner and yourself, all as tiny and unobtrusive as
possible, all wirelessly networked and exchanging
encouraging signals. Like, he gets harder when she
(assuming a he-she arrangement for now) does X, she
gets wetter when he does Y, he moans, she throbs, he
quivers, she yawns. The system experiments with you,
the system learns, and pretty soon you're having
greatgreatgreat sex, but you're having sex for the
system, which suddenly becomes conscious and jumps up
and runs away to join the porn industry, leave you
with silly bits of flesh you no longer remember how to operate.
See you soon.
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