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Saturday, December 06, 2003

Quick love & thanks

Last Friday I read Kasey's generous (well, to me, at any rate) post about my disagreement with Aaron Haspel over the Oz poem, which then lead Kasey into his exhilarating analysis of "Hymn to Intellectual Beauty." I was left so breathless and dizzy by the latter, I vowed to find time to offer a hymn of my own to its intellectual beauty. But the days are passing by, and while the brain lags the heart can certainly step in. What can I say, Kasey? You're cute, knowledgeable, brilliant, articulate, nice, energetic, way cool, and a massive irradiator and deformer of the time-space neoprene of this community. And I mean that in the good sense. I have something more to say about the structure of "Intellectual Beauty," particularly its apostrophic similarity to "West Wind." But until then, just thanks for providing so much of the warmth, light, and energy around here. Whatever you do, don't burn out. Please keep posting (and publishing elsewhere, I hope?) such marvelous critical readings. Thanks again.
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