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Saturday, December 20, 2003

This just in: women turned on by hardcore porn flicks
(via Amorous Propensities)
London: A research [study] by scientists from Stanford University School of Medicine in California claims that the fair sex is also turned on by pornography.

The results of the research were published in the prestigious [sic] American journal 'Fertility and Sterility'.

Researchers showed random clips from erotic films and relaxation videos to 20 women to monitor their effects. They found that the women were fully aroused in an average of just two minutes after watching explicit eroticism.

Volunteers aged 20 to 30 were linked to devices to monitor breathing, heart rate, skin changes and blood flow to their genitals. The tape sequences lasted 22 minutes and were played with and without sound.

Like everyone else, I've read about these sorts of studies for years. But no one ever makes the obvious Heisenbergian point. Doesn't an anomalous highly formalized social situation in which strangers in laboratory drag are attaching electrodes and various measuring devices to your genitals and then monitoring them closely as they show you porn likely have a strong sexual valence all by itself?. Just the idea of it right now gives me twinges. They're not measuring women's responses to porn. They're measuring women's responses to playing this science research fantasy sex scene as if it weren't a sex scene.
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