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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

In other news, a despicable organization gets its comeuppance

Some very alert readers may have sensed my rage at and profound loathing for the Traditional Values Coalition and thus might have predicted a similar antipathy towards the American Family Association, whose sole reason for existence seems to be to give ordinary families a bad name by working in it to eradicate GLBT people or at worst prevent them from being treated by Americans as persons.

So it is with some pleasure I read that a survey on gay marriage posted on their vile web site, blatantly designed just to collect e-mail addresses of likely supporters, has evidently surprised them by showing respondents who favor gay marriages or civil unions outnumbering those who oppose them by nearly 2 to 1 (67.5% to 32.5%, with nearly 800,000 votes cast)! This poll, of course, doesn't really say anything meaningful about anything --except maybe that the GLBT friendly are on the whole more web-savvy (or webdominant or webitudinous or weblicious) than Donald Wildmon's wild minions-- or at any rate that there is at least one GLBT supporter who has considerably more weboir faire than the whole congeries of wild monists .

Which they would probably adduce as evidence of the web's malignant influence.
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