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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Just checking in

Sorry for the Mojave in posting. I've been working in my spare time on the new incarnation of mikarrhea. I know I should emigrate at least to Typepad, if not all the way to the land of Movable Type and honey. But a couple of months ago I cast my lot with Apple's iBlog, which then seemed the very picture of ease, power, and flexibility. And so it is, within a circumscribed range of motion. Sort of like Jackie Chan . . . with his neck bolted to the floor, that is. Or, more accurately . . . maybe like Jackie Joyner-Kersee with her neck bolted to the floor. OK, fine, say, Jackie Mason, then. I mean Jackie, uh, Gleason. Jackie O? Jackie Susann?

(I'm getting into envisioning this whole warehouseful of Jackie celebs neck-bolted to cement.)

The great thing about iBlog is it's designed to interface seamlessly with your .mac account and your iDisk and your iPhotos and indeed your entire iLife (until you, as I nearly did yesterday, commit iSuicide). Basically, you have a whole web server out in virtual space that walks, talks, and quacks like another hard drive on your desktop.

Have I, by the way, ever introduced my hard drive? I call her Mulholland Drive .

Anyway, after discovering some rigidities in iBlog (I don't mean to seem too sour about it: it's actually megaparsecs ahead of Blogger), I started teaching myself HTML and CSS to see if I couldn't dance past them. Now I just about can. But now I'm getting so damned HTML-oquent that I'm gonna settle for nothing less than absolute and total dominion over every possible aspect of my web presentation. I'm gonna get conversant with Tinderbox, the ultimate in blogging software, created by one of the pale wights who originally designed Blogger but got understandably bored with it. Essentially, Tinderbox allows you to post anything you want in any way you want and to create endless multiple means of organizing and accessing it.

We'll see how that goes.

Meanwhile, I'm gonna get at least the iBlog version up . . . .

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