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Monday, February 23, 2004

Have you seen this woman?

Her name is Ida. She was last seen in this house exactly one year ago today, when this image was captured. So this is a sort of anniversary-of-her-disappearance post. Here are some other pictures from that night.

If you have quicktime and click here, you can see a one-minute clip from the drunken video shot by Dorian from which most of those pix come.

If you listen carefully, on the audio track you might hear Ida (if that indeed is her real name) saying enthusiastically, "We should all go out sometime!" You might also hear Leigh saying, "We're taking Ida everywhere we're going now! Wherever we're going, Ida's going!" (You might also hear a drunken person we'll call "Ian Randolph" babbling inanely.)

As I say, I haven't seen hide nor hair of Ida since that night. Undoubtedly something happened to her to prevent her from hanging out with us. If you know her whereabouts, I'd be grateful if you'd ask her to e-mail or call. One of the pictures is of her fingernails, since she is extremely good at painting them.
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