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Saturday, February 14, 2004

A Nut in Every Car

Yuri Hospodar, of the Yuriverse, who's lucky enough to share his name with the protagonist of a wonderful pornographic novel by Apollinaire, yesterday posted one of the most moving pieces I've read in quite a while. Like Katie's ever-wonderful posts, it captures one of those urban moments that hit you like a brick and cause a swelling in your brain that dies down only when you treat it with adequate verbal transfiguration. In this case, it's the story of Yuri's watching the schoolgirl beside him rise and courageously engage in a confrontation he'd only fantasized engaging in with an obnoxious psycho spewing loud homophobia to their tunnel-stalled subway car. Weirdly enough, Katie's most recent post is also about an encounter with a homeless man in a subway car, though not one as psychotically vocal as Yuri's. There's seems to be a genre here.

I guess they still, as Bill Cosby noted 40 years ago in a hilarious routine (click here for a windows media file snippet [which I had to load from within the stupid WMP]), make an effort to put a nut in every car.

They probably wax on about us, too. I got onto this subway car and can you believe it was filled with people not yelling, singing, declaiming, deriding, or smoking. Don't they know how to behave in public? Another fucking weird urban experience.
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