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Saturday, February 07, 2004

Old mole

Every once in a while I'm faced with the login page at blogger.com. Beneath the boxes for entering name and password, there's a check box next to which are the words "Remember me." For some reason, I simply can't see those words without simultaneously hearing them spoken in a baleful voice by the ghost of Hamlet, Sr. I don't even know what production they're coming from. It's just some basso portentous "REMEMBER ME."

OK, so fine, I'm psychotic. Whoop de doo.

Maybe, he wants me to kill someone.

Of course, I don't "really" hear the voice. But as Antonio Dimasio is only too happy to relate, brain scans show that the very same areas of the brain are activated when you remember hearing something as when you "really" heard it. It's like the brain's reproducing the electical fizzing.
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