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Saturday, February 07, 2004


It seems Leigh & I are in the middle of a fight. Last night, she wanted to go out with her cousin Matt & his friend Dorian, but I was tired and wanted to stay home. Plus, we've been trying not to drink lately--we'd actually set a goal of no alcohol until Leigh's birthday, February 24--and what we mainly do with Matt & Dorian is use lots of alcohol, at the very least. So being tired and not wanting to have to try not to drink but fail miserably, I stayed behind. Leigh took our car, saying she wouldn't drink much and she'd be home early, 'cause she wanted to be able to spend the day today at home reading David Copperfield. So I get a call at like 2:00 AM. She's drunk and wants to spend the night at Matt's. Fine. Icy roads. So this morning my ex, who generally has the kids on Saturdays, calls at 9. The kids have mutually conflicting schedules today. So can I pick up Anneliese at the bar mitzvah at 1 PM and take her to her sewing class? No problem, I figure. After I hang up, I remember Leigh has the car. Knowing at least she will still be fast asleep, I wait until 10:30 to call. No answer on her cell or Matt's. I call repeatedly for an hour. Finally, Leigh answers. I tell her I need the car at about 12:30 to drive Anneliese. She freaks. I beg and plead. She hangs up on me twice. Finally, she agrees to bring the car back. Soon she arrives with Matt, who followed in his car. She announces that she needs to rethink our relationship, because she's not sure she wants to be in it anymore, and that she and Matt are going back to his house to have a fabulous brunch that Matt bought and watch Lost in Translation on DVD. A minute after the door closes behind them, she's back poking around the living room for her Dickens. Finally, she finds it and walks out, repeating that she thinks our relationship is in serious trouble and has been for some time.
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