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Monday, February 23, 2004

Time, time, time--see what's become of me . . .

. . . as I look around at my possibilities. I was so hard to please.

A disinterested voice cries out against a little-noted but fundamental unfairness written into the U. S. constitution.

Meanwhile, Chris Bertram at Crooked Timber posts the following:
Yesterday, a colleague pointed out to me the following passage in the late Jean Hampton’s Political Philosophy. Professor Hampton, who died in 1996, must have thought it inconceivable that a certain person would achieve high political office:
Now while it is undeniable that some people are smarter or more virtuous or stronger than other people, these differences by themselves do not seem relevant to establishing political domination. Think, for example, of all the ways in which people are different from one another, physically, mentally and temperamentally. If someone has greater muscle strength than another, does that mean that he gets to rule the other? No: Arnold Schwarzenegger is not considered, by virtue of his physical prowess, a political authority. (p. 19)

young arnold

arnold & joe weider

arnold terminator

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