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Friday, February 27, 2004

The Urinals of Dairy Queen

As soon as I saw it, I thought to myself, I've got to put this up on Mikarrhea!

Then, thankfully, I thought, How pathetic is that?

The Urinette She-inal shown below is number 5 on the list of the top ten urinals in the world, according to Urinal.net ("Don't see your favorite urinal on this list? Let us know!")--a list as remarkable for its contents as for the fascinating questions it raises about research criteria, methodology, and comprehensiveness, as well as about the motivations and scientific ardor of, general character of social conversations among, and average number of friends possessed by the researchers. What stories do they tell at the bar at the annual convention? "You shoulda seen this beaut I came upon by chance in Yemen. . . . "

These urinals are located in the Dairy Queen restaurant in Port Charlotte, FL.
The urinal below is a women's urinal, a Urinette "She-inal". These pictures were submitted by JM.

women's urinal
"The 'She-inal' was designed by a Pensacola, FL woman named Kathie Jones. In the early 1990's she set out to design a urinal intended specifically for women, but this fixture never caught on for various reasons."

women's urinal, closer
"While it's as not as versatile as a regular toilet, it still takes up the same amount of floor space. The funnel-like device that is is shared by everyone using the urinal also proved not to be a popular feature. Because of those reasons, not more than 700 'She-inals' were sold before Urinette, the company that manufactured it, sold the manufacturing rights."

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