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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

What if he moves to North Carolina?

Maine couple gives baby son a Super Bowl name


BIDDEFORD, Maine -- A Biddeford couple let the world know their football team allegiance when they included "Patriot" in the name of their son who was born on Super Bowl game day.

Nathan Morris, 25, and Kelly Belanger, 20, named their son Logan Al-Patriot Morris after the Patriots defeated the Carolina Panthers, 32-29, in the Super Bowl on Sunday. The "Al" in the name is in honor of Morris' sister, Alicia.

Logan was born at Southern Maine Medical Center at 7:32 a.m. and was in the hospital room that night when his parents and friends watched the game on TV.

"I showed him the game and what football food is supposed to be," Morris said.

Belanger said she had to be persuaded to agree to the name, but in the end thought it would give Logan an interesting story to tell when he's older.

Morris said they waited until the game was done before officially naming Logan to make sure the Patriots won the game.

"It wouldn't have been good if they had lost," Morris said.

How pathetic--forcing your insane regional boosterism on a poor baby! Making your kid go through life bearing the name of the local airport! "Hey, Logan, you're mom's calling!"
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