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Friday, April 09, 2004

Always read limetree first

Even as I posted selections from Elvis Mitchell's sprightly execration of the new Dawn of the Dead a couple of days ago, I thought I should check Kasey's estimable lime tree first. He had mentioned teaching a course recently on zombies (or, I guess, representations of them), and it occurred to me he might be quick to post smart and interesting observations on the new film. My ADD butterfly, however, flitted enticingly past. I ended up posting before I checked. Oots. Sure enough: as I feared. If you took the time to read the bits of Elvis Mitchell's review I posted here (notable more for enthusiastically snide nastiness than for those verbal pyrotechnics of his I'd been lauding), then you might want to read Kasey's lucid and knowledgeable discussion of the same film.
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