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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Another crash on Mulholland Drive

I'm totally depressed.

My ibook crashed again. Same problem. Just won't boot. Fortunately, I can get into Mulholland Drive, at least, by using it as an external hard drive for one of our other computers. So I don't think I'm gonna lose anything, except patience, peace of mind, pastimes, pleasure, playfulness, and purpose.

and all my mirth.

Worse, my old reliable standby, the G4 powerbook I dropped on the floor ages ago, transforming it from lap- to desktop, is now starting to have bootup problems of its own. It actually refused to boot up for about half an hour, just now. Oh dear.

That leaves just Greta's powerbook. I hope they're not all coming down with a virus. . . .

Posting may be erratic until these problems are . . . rectified. (You may remember I have associations with that word.)
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