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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Sidetracked by Celebrity Jeopardy

I was starting to tell a story that would eventuate in a rollicking discussion of this fabulous page devoted to musical modality, including some wonderful ancient and medieval theories of modality and also a catchy original composition called "The Phrygian Paraquat Dirge," when I got sidetracked by SNL's Celebrity Jeopardy. This is what I had written:
Greta and I were looking over the fabulous list of exotic "L"-words I linked to yesterday to provide those in need a definition for "lupanar." "L"-words is one of those
If you're familiar with SNL Celebrity Jeopardy, you'll probably see right away what my association was. I suddenly had the urge to link to Sean Connery picking "Swords" (which I copied from here):

Connery: Ah, I'll take Swords for $400.

Trebek: It’s, actually, not Swords, sir. These are words that begin with "S". The answer is: Popeye is this sort of man.

Reynolds rings in

Trebek: Burt Reynolds.

Reynolds: What is… Popeye?

Trebek: No.

Connery rings in

Trebek: Sean Connery, and remember, these are words that begin with the letter "S", not swords.

Connery: Saber.

Trebek: No.

Connery: It began with a bloody "S"!

Jerry Lewis rings in multiple times, laughing

Trebek: Mr. Lewis.

Lewis: I got the answer, Alex. You want the answers, it's simple. They're terrified of a perfectionist, they being the people who are running the studios this week. - time buzzer rings.

Trebek: I'm sorry, Mr. Lewis, time's up. "What is Sailor?" was the correct response. Tough start for everyone. All three celebrities are 800 dollars down.

Connery: The hell if I'm going to pay you a bloody 800 dollars!

Anyway, Greta and I proceded to waste more than hour rolling around, wailing, and crying exorbitantly while watching the entire Celebrity Jeopardy series, posted as rm files here.

Go there. Now. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll pee in your pants.
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