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Monday, April 26, 2004

We get letters

I mentioned recently how surprised I am at some of the search strings that lead surfers to this blog. You dear readers who come here for the highbrow cultural criticism and you who, because Greta's so pathetic at returning phone calls, come to garner some meagre sense of what she's up to these days (this week her latest hit, "Bleak House Grouse," is in heavy rotation, indeed saturating this market) might be interested to learn the number one search string bringing people here --300% ahead of the number two search string (which unsurprisingly is mikarrhea). The number one search string is . . .[drumroll] . . . CFNM. If it weren't for the myriad enthuasiasts of cfnm and the nollningen initiation ritual (which I posted about only once, albeit with approbation), sadly, you six other regulars would constitute my entire readership. What astounds me is that surfers manage to get to Mikarrhea despite the fact that, for a simple "cfnm" search on Google, my site is so far down the list even I don't have the patience to track it down. (When, however, I typed cfnm pix into Google, Mikarrhea came up well within the top 100 out of 17,000 or so hits and when nollningen initiation ritual --even better-- the second out of two.)

Anyway, from time to time I get e-mail asking for advice. The other day I received the following request for assistance from a polite gentleman whose identifying information for understandable reasons I'll keep to myself. I'm stymied. For once, I really don't have any good suggestions to offer. Is there a chance that any of you other cfnm fans can be of help? If you would be so kind as to offer some advice, please e-mail it to me. I'll be sure to pass on your words of wisdom.
Hello Michaela. I first would like to compliment you on your web page. I
have only recently discovered it but have since enjoyed the reading. There
is so much I would enjoy talking with you about but I wanted to touch on one
thing specifically. You mentioned the web site 'Visual Sensations for Women'
and talked about 'Nollningen Initiation Ritual'. I thank you very much for
introducing me to those. I am a 35 year old male who went through something
similar when I went to college. I actually love things such as that.

Anyway, to keep this short. I have been divorced now for about 6 months and
am learning to be single again. I love to travel and have a question for you
that maybe you or your readers will have suggestions. I enjoy CFNM a great
deal and would like to experience situations with this on my travels. I have
been to nudist resorts but that isn't the same as a CFNM situation. What
should a guy do who sincerely enjoys CFNM and wants to incorporate it into a
vacation? Any suggestions? Please help.

Thank you again for your writings.
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