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Monday, May 31, 2004

Another weekend

of texas-sized excess, drecksess, sexsess, vexcess. No nights slept in my own bed since, what, thursday? Except now, I'm embedded with exhaustion. Greta watching latest bachelor-style contest on tv.

Towels soaking with sturm and drang to wring out over the keyboard as soon as possible. We're probably not, for instance, seeing Angelina for a while.

Saw once more and met anew many wonderful people at Sherman's party, which we finally arrived at around 11 pm and decamped around 5 am.

My eyes glaze over. Much to tell. Much tricky complex blogging ahead. Sleep comes down.

sweet blog. ever see this site - party poker bonus. it's what i'm up to 'til i get a blog going.
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