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Sunday, May 23, 2004

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Senator undecided on firing aide over sex blog

Greg Wright
Gannett News Service
May. 21, 2004

WASHINGTON - Sen. Mike DeWine said Thursday that he has not decided whether to fire an aide who allegedly posted her exploits in an Internet diary, including accepting $400 from a married man for sex.

"We're in the process of completing a review," the Ohio Republican said. "It's a personnel matter."

DeWine said he expects to make a decision soon.

The entry-level assistant used the pseudonym "Washingtonienne" in a blog, or Web diary. The Web site has deleted many of the entries.

Another Internet publication, Swamp City, first reported that the woman works for DeWine. She was not at work Thursday.

DeWine first must find out whether the woman's blog was true, said Jamin [um, I believe everyone has always said "Jamie"] Raskin, a constitutional law professor at American University. DeWine also is investigating whether the woman used a congressional computer to post it.

In the blog, the woman said she had a variety of partners. These included an older man, a co-worker with whom she was involved in an "office sex scandal"; and a married Bush appointee who also gave her money.

If her blog is true, DeWine could give her the boot easily, Raskin said. Laws that allow most government workers to do what they want in private life do not apply to congressional aides, he said. Lawmakers, who have exempted their operations from most labor laws, can let workers go at any time for any reason but cannot discriminate by sex or race.

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