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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Did the Pipefitters' Union sign off on it?

via Arthur

Ban on low-slung jeans sought
From correspondents in Miami, Florida
May 12, 2004

AMERICAN singer Britney Spears may have to rethink her wardrobe before visiting her home state of Louisiana, which is mulling new legislation to outlaw low-riding jeans that reveal underwear or too much skin.

The proposed bill, approved by the state's House Criminal Justice Committee last week, would outlaw wearing clothing in public that intentionally exposes undergarments or "any portion of the pubic hair, cleft of the buttock or genitals".

Violators would be required to carry out three days of community service at a local fire station and pay a fine of up to $US175 ($252).

The bill is due to go before the full Louisiana legislature sometime during the current session, which ends June 21.

Local councilor Glenn Green, a staunch supporter of the bill, told the committee last week that teenagers' fashions had gone so far that legislation was needed to bring them back within the bounds of decency.

"I don't relish seeing the beginning of the crease of people's buttocks," local press reports quoted Green as saying. "And I don't enjoy watching young men letting their sexual organs show through their red or black silk underwear."

Agence France-Presse

This report appears on NEWS.com.au.
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