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Friday, May 14, 2004

Elvis gone for good, sighted recently at Harvard

Chris Lott, our correspondent in Alaska, whose site is always a pleasure to roll retrieverishly around in, sent me this thoughtful notice from imDb news a while back, under the heading "My Condolences" (thanks millions and sorry for not posting it sooner, Chris!):

New York Times Confirms Mitchell Is Out as Film Critic
New York Times executive editor Bill Keller confirmed Tuesday that Elvis Mitchell had resigned as film critic for the newspaper. Keller did not respond directly to reports that Mitchell was miffed by the newspaper's decision to appoint A.O. Scott lead film critic, saying in an internal memo: "Despite what you may have read elsewhere, it is an amicable parting on both sides, a little wistful but not acrimonious." Keller also did not respond to reports that Mitchell had been talking to Columbia Pictures President Amy Pascal about running the studio's New York office even while he was reviewing the studio's films. Keller concluded in his memo: "Elvis has brought our readers (and shared with his colleagues) a profound knowledge of film, an original and exciting voice, and a great deal of fun. As one of the editors who hired Elvis, I will miss him a lot, and so will everyone who worked with him."

You may remember that not so long ago I waxed rhapsodic about Elvis, quoting to excess from his Dawn of the Dead review.

Can you believe the bizarre tragedy of it all? The irony? The tragic irony? The ironic tragedy? In sum, the utter inapplicability, strictly speaking, of either literary term to this case?

Over midnight IHOP after Mean Girls the other day, Mia wasn't moved. She said she thinks Elvis's reviews are all over the place. I disagree, of course. But then again, I've got the words "random neuron firing" tatooed on my mons veneris. Mia went on to point out that Elvis's Columbia shenanigans were pretty plainly in violation of CJR-ish ethics and, more important, he'd dumped a mutual friend of ours. Well, in that case. But I still hope he continues his film writing . . . .

Cynthia, who goes down in Mikarrhea herstory as the first person, aside from Michaela herself, to post a comment (thank you, love!) and is one of two (along with Wendy) fabulous and indispensable red-haired Harvardlawbloggrrlz, reports she missed Elvis's having Bill Murray visit his film class at Harvard last week--in the very same classroom as the course she TAs for. I don't know if I could've maintained decorum seeing in the flesh two celebrities I have throbbing crushes on. But I would've liked to have been put to the test.
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