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Thursday, May 27, 2004

I'm such a profound fuck up

I just realized I'm missing Andrea Seigel's reading from her novel, Like the Red Panda, at this very moment at Newtonville Books.
newtonville is so far far away...
i know. can you fucking believe? i'm barely three minutes away. i called Newtonville Books at 8pm & they said she was already done reading & everyone was heading over for drinks to ariadne (expensive, but if you get a chance, superyummy!). i thought, andrea has pointedly blogged her discomfort about this very situation, i haven't yet actually read or even bought her book, at ariadne there are probably somewhere between seven and twenty other uncomfortables perspiring as they bask in andrea's personal validation of their bronzing ability, and introducing myself involves too much explanation, so maybe the result of the utilitarian calculus added to my own shyness index at that moment produced my avoiding that convocation. my loss.
you didn't miss much, other than some shrimp.

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