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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Latest popular search string

As I expected.

iraqi prisoner abuse cfnm

I've gotten a dozen of that string (or its homologues) since the last post. Don't you just love the company I keep?

I absolutely have to enter the keywords after the last rubric, if just for the record:

nanotechnology, anorexic nation, prozac nation, iraqi news, msnbc ... sex pics, child sex abuse, movie sound ... videocards, videocard, piss bitch, prison bitch names ...

Doesn't it have the electricity of a recording of a pure stream of consciousness? Or of a soliloquy of an MIT sophomore with Tourette's Syndrome?

I'm going to hazard the prediction that, until something more egregious launches to knock it out of Earth's orbit, this picture will hold the dubious distinction of being the most-masturbated-to image ever flashed generally on newscasts around the world. And if you think the opprobium (death threats, assaults, etc.) unleashed on that poor jerk in Chicago who caught that ball was bad, wait till this unfortunate girl re-enters American society (if she ever does). I wouldn't be she for anything on earth.

I realize there are some irony-stabilization issues with my last post. I'll try to address those soon. Now it's off to the rapist.
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