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Wednesday, May 19, 2004


For the last three days Greta & I have been listening to Nellie Mckay (Mc-EYE). We're totally, droolingly in love with her. We'll be listening to her for many millions of months. And recommend her. Indeed, we go so far as to say, anyone who despises Nellie McKay need not frequent these environs any longer. Go find your cfnm elsewhere. You must be totally fucked up. Here you can buy her album at Amazon. Here's her website. Her coolness is inversely geometrically proportional to her wholesome appearance. Please worship her.

Here's a quick mix I made of some good passages from her first (& only) album. Especially great if you have headphones. It's about 6 minutes long, .mp3 format., Quicktime, so maybe you need to download that first. Dunno. Please lemme know if there're problems. I mean with the transmission. Not with your appreciation.

Mika's Nellie Mckay mix
Oh I adore dear Nellie! And she's a redhead! And only 19! Clonie is my favorite, but also the one about her cat dying...so sad...but soooo good.
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