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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Imprisonment & deportation of journalists at LAX

An appalling piece by Elena Lappin, a British journalist with the Guardian, documenting her detainment, interrogation, handcuffing, imprisonment, and deportation. Where? Los Angeles. Why? For arriving at LAX on an ordinary reporting assignment, without a journalist's visa.

via Discourse.net, Michael Froomkin's blog. Froomkin, a law professor, has a wonderful analysis of/screed against against the infamous torture memo.

He also provides a link to another blog, Whiskey Bar, that sets especially purulent passages of the memo against the hypocritical Christian banalities sanctimoniously intoned on another occasion by its evangelical lead author, Mary L. Walker, evident soulmate to the wacko Lt. Gen. Jerry ("my God is bigger than his god") Boykin, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Matters, under whose charge falls the Military Intelligence department, whose officers, you remember, are the drivers of the Abu Ghraib torture trolley. Why are so many evangelical wackos involved in the direction of torture at the highest levels of our government? WTF are they doing anywhere near the highest levels of our government?
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