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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Sour apples

I'm feeling really depressed and angry at Apple tonight. We have --I'm not even going to tell you how many Macs we have-- and I'm not counting the piles of clunkety Mac junk I inherited when my former employer moved (remember the LC? Mac II?). Well last week I bought myself a Sony Clié handheld and then discovered today that Sony doesn't support Apple (grrr David Pogue!), that they announced this week they're going out of the PDA business anyway, that the latest version of the Palm OS doesn't even install with the new Mac OS (Panther [what's with the team, car, and raw material names {cobalt}? what happened to plain old 10.3.5?] they should name their next OS something like my currently chipping nail-polish, autumn berry), and, worst of all, my "mainframe" (my central G4 powerbook pretending to be a desktop) completely died or at any rate lapsed into a persistent vegetative state augmented by endless loud depressingly wet clicks. I'd backed up many, but by no means enough, of my most valuable documents. I lost lots of mp3s and jpgs I had considered dispensable and not worth backing up until today.
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